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C856 User Experience Design

Task 1

  • Create a timeline of the UX design activities that will take place during this project.
  • Create a persona profile based on the attached “Survey Results” and “About the Island” supporting documents.
  • Create a low-fidelity wireframe showing the suggested flow of your new design for the Tanitian website.
  • Conduct guerrilla usability testing with at least three user testers
  • Create an interactive prototype for the Tanitian website that reflects your wireframe design and incorporates the feedback you received during guerrilla testing. Your prototype must be submitted as a URL link.

Task 2

  • Using the “Prototype and Peer Review Dashboard” web link, fill out the “Usability Prototype Submission Form”, 
  • Choose three of your peers’ prototypes from the “Prototype and Peer Review Dashboard” web link. 
  • Record yourself and your screen as you give verbal feedback as a user for the three other submissions 
  • Summarize the feedback from the three reactions you received